Housing Information

This information is provided by the Student Life/Housing Office and outlines the selection procedures to be followed for the 2014-2015 academic year. Housing questions can be directed to the Student Life/Housing Office, ext. 7147, located in the Tyler/ VanDusen Campus Center Building. 

Alma College is a four year residential college. As such, Alma College students are required to live in college-owned or approved housing. The education students acquire from the social and interpersonal experiences of residential life plays a vital role in their total development as concerned, inquiring human beings. Regardless of whether students live in a residence hall, small housing unit, theme house, on campus apartment, or a fraternity/sorority house, the college retains a common set of goals—goals which promote students’ personal development and right to realize their fullest potential in a living, learning, and collaborative environment.

You will not be allowed to participate in the housing process without a roommate, without being registered for classes, or if there is a business hold on your account.


Upon request Alma College will provide accessible housing to individuals with mobility impairments, and will provide an accessible venue for any college programs scheduled to occur in dormitory housing that is not readily accessible to and usable by persons with disabilities.

  • The college will provide accessible housing for students with mobility-related impairments. More information on the college’s housing plan for students with mobility-related impairments can be obtained from:

Nate Payovich, Academic Support and Disability Services Coordinator
Center for Student Opportunity
Tyler VanDusen Campus Center
Phone: (989) 463-7247
Fax: (989 463-7126

Major Changes for the 2014-2015 Housing Process

  1. The dates for room retention have been expanded this year. The Student Life Office will allow students who want to retain their current room with a roommate for 2014-15 to retain their room anytime between March 17 and March 26, 2014. Stop by the Student Life Office during business hours 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday to retain your room. Both you and your roommate must be present, or you must have a note from your roommate or suitemates. 
  2. The Wright Avenue Apartment housing process has changed. There will no longer be a lottery for the Wright Avenue Apartments. Instead an application-selection process has been put into place. Please pick up an application in the Student Life Office for details.
  3. The Opera House is currently unavailable. Once it becomes available the Student Life Office will notify students of the criteria and selection process for the Opera House.
  4. Current theme house will reapply by filling out a theme house renewal application. New theme houses should fill out the  new theme house application
  5. If you have a business hold on your account that will not allow you to register for fall classes you will not be allowed to obtain housing. If your account goes into a business hold over the summer, you will be removed from your room.

Class Standing

Class standing is determined by the Registrar’s Office, and any questions about class standing will be verified through the Registrar’s Office.


All students receiving full-tuition scholarships, Tuition Exchange (domestic and international) and Alma College National Merit Scholarship are required to live in college-owned housing for each of their four years on campus.

Please note that students residing in non-Alma College housing will be subject to a reduction in financial aid. That portion of a student’s financial aid package representing Alma College institutional funds will be reduced by 25% not to exceed a cap of $5,000. Contact the Financial Aid Office at ext. 7347 for specific information regarding your financial aid package. Students must be approved to live off-campus in non-college housing.

In addition those students applying to be granted exemption from a meal plan acknowledge that a 10% reduction in financial aid (representing Alma College institutional funds) will occur if a meal plan exemption is granted.

Roommate Requirements

In order to retain a 2-person room, a triple, quad, or a 4-person suite in South Complex, all occupants must stay or the remaining occupant(s) must pull in new roommates or suitemates. In order to reserve a vacant room or suite, the room or suite must be filled to capacity.

Remember, if a student has not selected a roommate(s), or if roommates are selected who have not registered for classes, the room becomes available to anyone during the housing process.

The end of the housing process includes a period of time when students who do not have roommates,  can consult a list available in the Student Life Office, to find a roommate. Students who do not have a roommate will be assigned a roommate and housed by the Student Life staff beginning on May 1, 2014.

Alma College reserves the right to consolidate students without roommates or when formerly full rooms experience vacancies. Students will be given 48 hours’ notice of impending changes whenever possible. In emergency situations or in situations where housing is near capacity, students may receive a roommate without prior notification. Other information regarding your room can be found online in the Student Life Handbook.

Retainer’s Rights

Each student has the option to retain their room (singles excluded), so long as the room is available and capacity is filled. A retainer is a student who wishes to remain in their current room, secures the room through the housing sign-up process, and fills the capacity of the 2-, 3- or 4-person room or the 4-person suite at that time.

  • Single rooms cannot be retained. Students must go through the application process for a single room on an annual basis.
  • Wright Hall rooms, Theme Houses, Wright Avenue Apartments, and the downtown Opera House apartments cannot be retained. Students must go through the Wright Hall, Opera House, Theme House, or Apartment application process,  and be selected to live in one of these accommodations.
  • Greek Houses cannot be retained. Students living in Greek housing will be determined by the chapter.

Lottery – On Campus

To move within or between traditional residence halls (Bruske, Gelston, Mitchell, Newberry, Bonbright/Carey, Nisbet/Brazell) students participate in lotteries. Lottery dates and times are listed in the Housing Calendar & Deadlines

The order of picking lottery numbers is determined by class standing. Lottery numbers cannot be transferred or traded. All lottery participants must be registered for classesStudents who cannot attend a particular lottery may send a proxy, who must have in his/her possession written authorization from the person he/she is representing.

Any room changes must be approved by the Student Life Office.

The Room Change process is explained in the Student Life Handbook.