Summer Camps & Events

Alma College hosts a variety of summer activities, including arts camps, athletic camps in specific sports, cheerleading camps, leadership camps and music camps.

Alma College 2015 Summer Camps & Events

Academic & Leadership Camps 

June 15-19: Science & Math Explorers Week

June 21-25: Global Challenge

June 21-26: Spiritual Life Camp

June 22-26: Science Olympiad Week

June 22 - July 24: e-STEM Cooperative Research Experience (CORE)

June 22: McGregor Institute

July 12-18: ASPIRE

July 12-18: High School Leadership Academy

July 20-24: e-STEM Research Week

Arts & Music Camps

June 22-28: Strings Camp

July 12-18: Percussion Camp

July 20-24: Summer Dance Intensive

Athletic Camps 

June 13: Football 7 on 7 Camp

June 15-17: Wrestling Camp 

June 15-17: Men’s Basketball Camp

June 19-21: Men’s Basketball Team Camp

June 23-24: Women’s Basketball Skills Camp

June 29-July 1: Soccer Camp

July 8-9: Volleyball Elite Camp

July 10-11: Volleyball Camp

July 21-23: Women’s Basketball Team Camp

July 30: Football Camp

July 31: Football Passing Camp

Other 2015 Camps & Events on Alma’s Campus

Champion Cheerleading Camps*

July 12-14: Champion Classic I

July 18-20: Champion Classic II

July 25-27: Champion Classic III

August 2-4: Champion Beast I

August 6-7: Champion Beast II

August 10-12: Champion Beast III

Leadership Camps

June 24-28: Rainbow Girls Masonic Camp

Private Camps

June 1-7: Academy of Performing Arts

July 14-18: Lakes High School Football Camp

July 20-24: Grand Ledge High School Choir

August 3-8: Wyoming High School Band

August 9-12: Manton High School Football