Meet the Staff


Student Ministry Coordinators

  • Nathan Atkinson
    Elk Rapids, MI

    My favorite part of Chapel and being a SMC is the feeling I get when the preparation that went into the service results in a meaningful and enjoyable experience for the students.

  • Kylie Babcock
    Kentwood, MI

    My favorite part of being an SMC is being able to get to know even more people through meeting new volunteers and greeting people at the door.

  • Erin Chon
    Okemos, MI

    My favorite part about Chapel is the people. No matter how tired you may be from school, the people that come together in Christ share their spiritual energy with each other and revitalizes you for the rest of the week.

  • Katie Ellinger
    Midland, MI

     I like coming up with new ideas and becoming closer with members of the Chapel life.

  • Riley Hubbard
    Mason, MI

    The services and the people, they are all so welcoming.

  • Katharine Krauss
    Jackson, MI
  • Alex Sprague
    Wilmington, DE

     I guess my favorite part of being a SMC is working with wonderful people in Ministry Teams and being involved in the work to make Chapel a great and inspiring place to learn and worship God. My favorite part of Chapel would be all the fun events that allow us to hang with our friends and act silly.

  • Janelle Young
    Charlotte, MI

    Hands down, my favorite part of Chapel and being a SMC is the people. I have been so encouraged by the Chapel fellowship, and through building relationships with the other SMC’s and Chapel goers I have grown in my faith so much. So much.