Office of Alumni Engagement

Michelle Jerezano

My hometown when I was a student was:

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

I graduated from Alma in:


I studied:

International Business Administration with a Minor in French

I currently live in:

Chicago, IL

I am now:

Digital Infrastructure Consultant at Accenture

Since graduating from Alma:

I went on to acquire my Masters of Science in Information and Communication Sciences at Ball State University in Indiana, moved to Chicago and started traveling around the country as a consultant for Accenture. My travels have taken me to Houston, TX, Las Vegas NV, and Los Angeles, CA.

My Alma education:

Has proven itself to be both memorable and invaluable as it has positioned me for success across all of my ambitious endeavors in the business world. I credit the Drs and Professors who taught me to always stay 1 step ahead of the curve and to work really hard for what I want.

My favorite place(s) on campus included:

The Heritage Center, The Center for Student Opportunity, the Library (social hotspot) and my Wright Hall apartment from senior year!

My favorite professor(s) included:

Dr. Lorenz, Dr. Arnold, Prof. Baleja, Dr. Blanchard and Dr. Hulme!

My most vivid/best memory of my time at Alma is:

Commencement! I felt so proud of all of my accomplishments at Alma on that day and I will never forget everyone else’s happy/sad faces!

How Alma has helped with my current plan/job/graduate school/etc.:

The momentum, inspiration and ambition that were instilled in me, as well as the warm encouragement I received from professors, staff, and friends have really helped me stay motivated to pursue personal success! Special shout out to Model UN for giving me killer speech skills, to business classes for teaching me about strategy and to clubs, activities and Greek life for keeping me sane and social!

Advice I would give a new graduate:

Continue to dream big, and find people that champion your skills and believe in your ability to introduce change! Your Alma legacy will be valued everywhere as long as you’re not shy about using it!