Sue Wright

Just inside the main entrance of the library you will find a warm and inviting welcome from the library secretary, Sue Wright. She is always ready and willing to help assist or direct visitors at a moment’s notice.

“I thoroughly enjoy where I sit in the library where I am able to see and greet the college community as they come and go from the building.”

Sue Wright was hired at Alma College, January 2003, in the Athletic Department.  She began work in the library on a temporary basis in April 2003, and became a permanent member of the Library Staff beginning August 1, 2003.

Sue enjoys the various duties of her position assisting the Library Director and staff.  As Sue oversees the day to day records of the library she takes pride in keeping accurate records to keep the staff members aware of the status of the budget.  This time-consuming effort allows the best possible use of budget dollars.  Included in this is the compilation of usage statistics for all of the library article databases.  This is very advantageous to the efficient operation of the library.

While working in the library, Sue went back to college, taking classes here on campus. She completed her degree and is an Alma College graduate of 2012 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.  Sue is able to bring an artistic eye and her artist skills to many aspects of the library functions, décor, newsletters, brochures, and reports.

“I am very thankful to be working in the academic sector and having the opportunity while studying for my undergraduate degree.  I am proud to be called, A Scot.”


Office Associate

My career at Alma began in


I help students by

Assisting their library needs

Educational background

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Alma College, 2012

In my role at Alma, I get most excited when...

When I have made someone’s day a little bit easier

What I love most about Alma College is...

The Alma Community

I chose to work at Alma College because...

Location - Alma is my home!