Matthew Cicci


Assistant Professor



Educational Background

PhD. English (Film & Media) from Wayne State University

M.A. English (Creative Writing) from Central Michigan University

B.A. English from Indiana University (Indianapolis)

I am...

a fan. A deeply geeky fan… of sports, of comics, of television, etc. But, I am also a fan of fans and exploring how these consumer cultures deal with the rapid, ceaseless evolution of media.


Assistant Professor of Digital Rhetoric & Composition

My career at Alma began in


I'm an expert in

Comic Studies, Digital Rhetoric, Fan Studies, Film Studies, and Adaptation Theory.

My expertise:

My work focuses on exploring the increasingly blurred line between the media producer and the media consumer. I examine the boundless nature of media content as well as the ways this content is utilized by fans for any number of expected and unexpected purposes. I particular focus on fan discourse, their rhetorical strategies, and their creation of communities/identities.

Recent publications:


“Made Man: Joe Fixit, Hulk, and Consumerism in the 1980s,” The Ages of the Incredible Hulk: Essays on Marvel’s Jade Giant in Changing Times. Ed. Joseph Darowski. McFarland & Company (Jefferson, NC). 2016.


“Rev. of European Nightmares: European Horror Cinema since 1945 by Patricia Allmer, Emily Brick, and David Huxley, eds.” Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts 24.3 (Winter 2014): 492-95.



Recent presentations:

“Flame [War] On! Issues of Race and Canon in Comic Book Adaptation Reception.” PCA/ACA, Seattle, WA, March 2016

“Translations, Transformations & Mutations: The Malleable Superhero Identity.” SCMS, Montreal, Quebec, March 2015 (chair)

“Comic Book Takeover: The Ubiquitous Influence of the Medium in Hollywood.” Flow Conference, University of Texas, Austin, September 2014

 “Hawkeye vs. Sexism: Female Fandom and Marvel’s All-New, All-Now Publishing Initiative.” Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference, Chicago, April 2014