Feler Bose


Assistant Professor



Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Economics, George Mason University (2007)
  • M.A., Economics, George Mason University (2007)
  • M.S.M.E., Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology (1997)
  • B.S., Chemistry & Engineering Physics, Hope College (1995)


Assistant Professor

My career at Alma began in


Recent publications:


  • “Homo Economicus Meets Homo Religiosus: A Collaborative Undergraduate Course in Economics and Religion” (with Kate Blanchard) CBAR, Spring 2013.
  • “Parliament vs. Supreme Court: A Veto Player Framework of the Indian Constitutional Experiment in the Area of Economic and Civil Rights” Constitutional Political Economy, Volume 21, Issue 4 (2010), Page 336.
  • “The Rise of the Modern Welfare State, Ideology, Institutions, and Income Security: Analysis and Evidence” (with Roger Congleton) Public Choice, Volume 144 (2010), 535-555.

BOOK CHAPTER(S)                 

  • “Public Choice and the Modern Welfare State, On the Growth of Government in the Twentieth Century”  (with Roger Congleton, Alberto Batinti, Youngshin Kim, and Rinaldo Pietrantonio) The Second Companion to Public Choice William Shughart, Laura Razzolini, and Michael Reksulak, eds. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar.  2013.
  • “Funding the Faiths: Toward a Theory of Religious Finance” (with Larry Iannaccone) The Oxford Handbook of the Economics of Religion Rachel M. McCleary, Editor.  Oxford University Press.  2010. 


Recent presentations:

         “Don’t Let a Serious Crisis Go to Waste: Exploring Links Between Environmental Policy Making and Environmental Mishaps”  Presented at Southern Economic Association, Tampa, FL (Nov 2013).  MI Academy (Feb 2014). 

          “Environmentalism and Religion:  Substitutes or Complements?”  Presented at Public Choice, New Orleans, LA (March 2013) & Association for the Study of Religion, Economics and Culture conference in Washington D.C. (Apr 2013).

          “License to Sin:  The Politics and Opportunity Cost of Sexual Freedom.”  Presented at The Association of Private Enterprise Education in Las Vegas, NV (Apr 2012), Hope College (Fall 2012) & Public Choice, New Orleans, LA (March 2013)

         “Economics of Medical Tourism and a Personal Experience.”  Presented at The Association of Private Enterprise Education in Las Vegas, NV (Apr 2012)