Integrated Health Studies Institute

Daniel Blauw

Young people with autism and their families need legal information as they do Special Education, Community Mental Health or Estate planning:


What public benefits are available, and how should I apply?


How should I arrange my family estate planning so that any inheritance my child may receive some day does not disqualify him or her from receiving public benefits?


Should I seek legal Guardianship or Powers of Attorney?


Daniel Blauw will provide some helpful planning tips on these and other legal questions.



Daniel Blauw is a lawyer with Daniel Blauw PLC in Grand Rapids.  He has been licensed to practice in Michigan since 1985.   He helps families set up special needs trusts and arrange for services when they have a family member with life-long disabilities. He has served as Director of Creative Housing Services at Hope Network, and, before that as Executive Director of the ARC of Kent County, an advocacy group for people with disabilities.  He is a graduate of Hope College in Holland Michigan and Valparaiso 


Attorney and expert on legal planning for people with autism.