Integrative Physiology and Health Science

Chelsie Myers

Class of


My hometown is

Canton, MI

My major(s):

Integrative Physiology and Health Science

My minor(s)

Public Health and Gerontology

After I graduate I plan to

I am going to Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee to get my doctorate in occupational therapy.

My favorite place on campus is

The Heritage Center

Some of my favorite professors include

All of the IPHS professors (Dr.L, Dr. Anderson, Marlene Wenta, Dr.Davis, Brittany Luckett, Dr.Ball, Drew Curry) and of course Dr. Nichols (Doc)

My greatest accomplishment at Alma is

Getting into the Alma Choir. I was among a few select members chosen to sing with Josh Groban in the fall of 2013 

I'd advise an Alma freshman to

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. One of the things I love most about Alma College is that our professors are so willing and able to help students. Go to office hours! Don’t forget how fortunate you are to go to a school where you can get to know your professors on a personal level.

I'd tell a student considering coming to Alma

The Alma experience is unlike any other school. As a student you can be involved in so many different activities. At Alms I have been able to be very dedicated to both of my passions: a career in occupational therapy and vocal music.