Micheal Vickery




Communication, Environmental Studies, and Public Affairs

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Communication, University of Texas at Austin (1988)
  • B.S., Psychology, University of Alabama (1975)



My career at Alma began in


I'm an expert in

Strategic communication in applied areas of environmental, organizational, and health communication.

Signature course(s):

Environmental Communication (COM253); Health Communication (COM243); Organizational Communication (COM302)

Recent publications:

Recent Publications, Competitively Selected Papers and Presentations

Vickery, M (2014).    Framing the borderless boundaries of water issues in the Great Lakes basin.  Presentation to the Environmental Studies Association of Canada, Brock University, St. Catherine’s, ON, May 27-29, 2014

Vickery, M. and Lorenz, E. (2013).  Thinking Locally, Acting Globally: A Way to Redefine Commons, Presentation to the Conference on Communication and the Environment, International Environmental Communication Association Conference, Uppsala, Sweden, June 6-10, 2013

Lorenz, E. & Vickery, M. (2010).  Our common table: Constructing trans‐border understanding of shared risks, resources, and responsibilities.  Paper presented to the International Farming Systems Association, Vienna, Austria, July 2010 

Sprain, L., Peterson, N., Vickery, M. & Schutten, J.K.  (2009).  Environmentalism 2.0: New Forms of Social Activism.  In Social Movement to Address Climate Change: Local Steps for Global Action.  Danielle Endres, Leah Sprain, and Tarla Rai Peterson (eds.), Amherst, NY:  Cambria, (337–360)

Vickery, M. (2009).  Chapter Interlude: Speech by Mayor Bernero of Lansing, Michigan. Speech transcription.  In Social Movement to Address Climate Change: Local Steps for Global Action.  D.  Endres, L. Sprain, and T. R, Peterson (eds.), Amherst, NY:  Cambria Press, (15–19)

Vickery, M. & Peterson, N. (2007).  Environmental discourse and social movement:  Perspectives on Step It Up, 2007.  Presentation to the Conference on Communication and Environment, Chicago, IL. July 2007.

Lorenz E., Vickery, M., Emge, D. & Naiukow. R. (2007).  Lessons learned from a community effort to find institutional support for environmental health research.  Presentation to the American Public Health Association, Washington, D.C.  November 2007.

Vickery, M., Osborn, M., & Osborn, S. (2006).  Instructors Resource Manual, Public Speaking, 7th ed., by M. Osborn and S. Osborn.  New York:  Houghton Mifflin.

Vickery, M., Lorenz, E., Halifax, H., Blandford, D., Piccolo, N. & Shafer. A.  (2005).  Civic choices and personal responsibility:  Promoting the public good through campus and community collaboration, Poster and roundtable presentation to the American Association of Colleges and Universities, Providence, R.I.  November 2005.

Vickery, M.  (2005).   The rhetorical construction of civil religion: the strategic uses of civic piety in the 2004 Presidential election.  Paper presented to the Western States Communication Association, San Francisco, CA.  February 2005. 

Vickery, M. (2004). Conservative politics and the politics of conservation: Richard Nixon and the EPA.  In T. R.Peterson (ed.), Green talk in the White House: The rhetorical presidency encounters ecology.  College Station, TX:  Texas A&M University Press. (Pp. 113-133).

Vickery, M., Davis, J. & Hulme, D. (2004). Revitalizing the first year experience through the use of colloquia and tutorials.  Presentation to the American Association of Colleges and Universities Network for Academic Renewal, Chicago, IL, November 2004.

Vickery, M & Davis J., (2003). Revitalizing the first-year experience through the use of independent inquiry.  Presentation to the Sixteenth International Conference on the First-Year Experience, Vancouver, BC.  July 2003. 

Vickery, M. (2002).  Civic responsibility and the scholarship of engagement.  Presentation to the National Communication Association, New Orleans, LA.  November 2002.

Recent presentations:

Recent Invited Presentations, Colloquia, and Consultations

Strategic Issues and Organizational Development in Non-Profit Environmental Advocacy, Consultation with For Love of Water (FLOW), Traverse City, MI.  September 2013 – 2014

Collaboration and stakeholder engagement that supports environmental sustainability.  Workshop consultant to Catamount Institute, Colorado Spring, CO.  10th Annual Aspen Conference on Organizational Communication:  July 27-29, 2013

Administrator and Instructor, Dow High School Leadership Academy, Alma College, 2010-2013.

Responsible Leadership.  Program keynotes, Center for Responsible Leadership Summer Leadership Institute, Ghost Ranch, NM.  June 2009, June 2010, June 2011.

Crossing borders through making films: Documentary, pedagogy, and community.  Invited presentation, 11th Conference On the Americas, Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids, MI. Fall 2010.  With S. Slaughter, et. al.

Making sustainable connections for community-based research in environmental communication.  Panel response, National Communication Association, San Diego, CA. November 2008.

Curricular and co-curricular integration of Environmental Studies and Public Affairs.  Roundtable presentation at the American Association of Colleges and Universities, Denver, Co.  October 2005.  With E. Lorenz.

Students without borders:  Connecting intercultural communication to international studies and experience-based learning programs.” Invited panel presentation, Central States Communication Association, Cleveland, OH.  April 2004.

Creative work:

Selected Student Research Projects and Practica

  • Caroline Asiala.  Internship.  Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Summer 2013
  • Communication Design Principles for a Free Clinic to Meet Health and Wellness Needs of Underserved Populations in Alma-Gratiot County-Mid-Michigan.  Presentation to Alma- Gratiot Free Clinic Board.  With students from COM 243: Health Communication.  January 2012.  
  • Abigail Witham.  Internship. Entertainment Cruises, Chicago, IL.  Summer 2012
  • Ben Roberts, Samantha LaChance, Adam Ellsworth, and Renee Willoughby.  Technical, Cultural and Environmental Challenges From COP15 in Copenhagen.  Global Think-In, Central Michigan University, April 2010.
  • Evan Griffith, A Grounded Comparison of Water Policy and Sustainable Development in Malawi.   Public Affairs Fellow Senior Project.  2010
  • Sarah Schmidtke, A New Space for a Growing Program: Documentary Video Advocacy Project. New Media Studies Senior Project.  2009
  • Andrea Hazen, Laura Kohn, and Mark Kraft.  Factory Farms vs. Family Farms:  A Risk Communication Analysis and Web Site.  Alma College Honors Day, April 2008
  • Kristin Minter, The Rhetoric of Corporate Agriculture, Independent study, April 2007
  • Cassie Goodrich, Voices of (Un)Reason:  Conservative Talk Radio, Honors thesis, April 2007
  • Jennifer Cornacchione.  Like Soap and Toothpaste:  Selling Candidate Images in Televised Political Advertisements and Their Influence on the 2004 Election Results.  Alma College Honors Day, April 2005
  • Hadley Boehm. Darwin and the Evolving Clash Between Science and Religion:  A Moment of Origin.  Alma College Honors Day, April 2005.
  • Rachel Naiukow, Conceptual and Practical Differences Between Traditional and Alternative Health Care.  Alma College Honors Day, April 2005.

Recent grants:

  • Faculty Research Small Grant.  2013, 2010. (awarded)
  • Field to Table Network:  Shortening the Food Production Chain.”  (2011). Community development grant proposal, Laura Jane Musser Fund.  S. Dixon, principal author with Borrello, M., Ripley, A., Monroe, F., & Vickery, M. November 2011.  $5000 (awarded). 
  • C. Charles Jackson Leadership Program Development Grant.  (2011) With Borrello, M. & Scheide, S. (awarded)
  • New Media Studies Signature Program Proposal (2010).  Office of the President and Provost’s Office Special Initiative. With J. Diels, J. Gilbert, R. Riley, S. Lopez-Isnardi, & A. Thall.  (New program funded)
  • Global Affairs & International Service Endowment (2007).  Posey Foundation proposal contributor with S. Hulme, E. Lorenz, et. al. $2.5M.   (not funded)
  • Media arts and information studies program development (2007).  Alma College New Initiatives Fund.  With Raymond Riley.  $10,000. (awarded)
  • Developing community methods for facilitating and evaluating risk (2002).  U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  With E. Lorenz.  $249.993.  (denied)
  • Exploring nature and the news through new media:  Producing a multimedia “Special Report” on environmental issues (2002).  State of Michigan Department of Education, Summer Institutes for Technology. With David Clark.  $20,500 (awarded)
  • Community participation in environmental health research. (2001).  National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences.  Wilfried Karmaus, principle investigator.  Co-investigator with Ed Lorenz, Murray Borrello, and Irene O’Boyle, $1,460,000.  (denied)
  • Enhancing the first-year experience through independent learning and engaged scholarship (2001).  McGregor Fund, Detroit, MI.  With John Davis.  $100,000. (awarded)
  • Digital video and multimedia documentary: Environmental issues and civic responsibility (2001).  State of Michigan Department of Education, Summer Institutes for Technology Grant Program.  With D. Clark.  $24,736 (awarded)
  • Using digital technology to document ecological disaster: Lessons in literacy and civic responsibility (2000).  State of Michigan Department of Education, Summer Institutes for Technology Grant Program. With D. Clark.  $20,500 (awarded)
  • Technological literacy and civic responsibility: A case study of environmental disaster (1999).  State of Michigan Department of Education, Summer Institutes for Technology Grant Program.  With D. Clark and R. Hoefel.  $20,500 (awarded)

Other recent accomplishments:

  • Sabbatical Leave, Alma College, fall 2013, winter 2006, winter 1999
  • Omicron Delta Kappa Faculty Excellence Award, 2007
  • Great Lakes Colleges Association, Philadelphia Center Program Review Team, 2001
  • Barlow Award for Faculty Excellence, Alma College, 1999
  • Outstanding Humanities Faculty Member, Alma College, 1999

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