Megan McCullen


Visiting Instructor



Educational Background

  • Ph.D. Candidate, Anthropology, Michigan State University
  • M.A., Anthropology, Michigan State University (2007)
  • A.B., Anthropology, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (1999)

I am...

…an anthropologist who divides her time between the lab, the classroom, the field and the office. I am interested in history, cultures, and how physical and cultural places impact the development of their communities.  My primary research as an ethnohistorian focuses on Native American communities of the Great Lakes during the 17th century, but to understand that past we also need to know where we stand, and where the descendants of those 17th century communities stand. So I am always exploring the local history and culture of Alma, along with modern Great Lakes native communities, to better understand those of the past.  Ethnohistory requires me to be an archaeologist, an historian and a cultural anthropologist all at once, which is why I enjoy it so much.


Visiting Instructor

My career at Alma began in


Signature course(s):

Indigenous Cultures

Other recent accomplishments:

Some Independent Studies and Research Projects I’ve supervised recently:

  • Ancient Civilizations
  • Archival Curation of Historical Documents that survived the Alma Opera House Fire
  • Senior Thesis: Indigenous Agency in Museums (L. Walker 2013)
  • In Summer 2013 I am supervising Anna Foltz (’15) on her Currie Scholars Project. She has been exploring the Kapp papers in the Alma College archives, and will be creatiing digital maps of environmental change at the Vestaburg Bog using G.I.S., and creating a predictive model for human habitation localities, which we can then test archaeologically.
  • I am supervising Chelsea Bennett’s (’15) senior honors thesis. She is collecting data this summer on two captive spider monkey populations, to explore how their community and enclosure types impact their behavior.

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