Janelle Young


Religious Studies



Class Year



Charlotte, MI

Why I got involved with Chapel

My first few weeks at Alma, I really wanted, really needed someplace where I would be rejuvenated, and encouraged in my faith. Chapel was that place for me.

Why I applied to be an SMC

Really, I wanted to serve as part of the body Christ on campus. Throughout my first semester Chapel became my favorite part of the week (still is), and over the course of time I became more involved. I realized that being a SMC would be an incredible opportunity for me to serve, and I would get to be involved in the makings and plannings of my favorite thing—Chapel!

What I like most about being an SMC

Hands down, my favorite part of Chapel and being a SMC is the people. I have been so encouraged by the Chapel fellowship, and through building relationships with the other SMC’s and Chapel goers I have grown in my faith so much. So much.

What I like most about being involved in Chapel

Being a worship attender my whole life and never having been a worship planner, I never realized all the logistics that go into running a smooth and effective worship service. So, I am definitely learning a ton about that. It’s really cool seeing and being on the planning side of worship services though.

Why I recommend other student get involved in Chapel

I would recommend getting involved because it’s a great way to meet really cool people and to learn about all that goes into Chapel and contribute to all that goes into Chapel.

Hobbies and interests

Kiltie Marching Band, Alma College Percussion Ensemble, New Life