Katharine Krauss


Math (Teaching)


German (Teaching)


Jackson, MI

Why I got involved with Chapel

When I arrived on campus, I was looking for a church home, and Chapel was a perfect fit. Everyone was so friendly and inviting, and Chapel became my favorite part of the week.

Why I applied to be an SMC

I had volunteered on Chapel’s Hospitality ministry for a year when I applied to be an SMC. I was looking for a way to become even more involved in Chapel, and an SMC position seemed the perfect opportunity.

What I like most about being involved in Chapel

Chapel lets me take time out of every week to rest and prepare for the coming week through worship. It is a time when homework and studying can take a backseat and I can focus on praising God with the wonderful people around me.

Why I recommend other student get involved in Chapel

Chapel is home to an amazing group of people. It is a wonderful opportunity to not only meet fellow Christians on campus, but also to rejuvenate after a stressful week and refocus yourself on what truly matters for the coming week.

Hobbies and interests

Reading (especially historical fiction), knitting, German Club, Education Club and Math Club.