Katie Ellinger


Elementary Education


Early Childhood Education

Class Year



Midland, MI

Why I got involved with Chapel

I wanted to get involved with the Christian community here at Alma College and to be involved in a worship service.

Why I applied to be an SMC

I wanted to become more involved with one of my favorite organizations on campus and to make a difference in the Chapel community.

What I like most about being an SMC

 I like coming up with new ideas and becoming closer with members of the Chapel life.

What I like most about being involved in Chapel

Working together is key in making something special happen.

Why I recommend other student get involved in Chapel

I would recommend getting involved in chapel to other students because it’s a great way to find time for God and to meet a bunch of awesome people!

Hobbies and interests

Dance, Traveling, Gamma Phi Beta, New Life, Bible study, Education club and Panhellenic.