Mailing and Printing Center

Cory Embrey

I provide a wide range of support services to ensure the overall efficiency of the Advancement Office.


Records Specialist

My career at Alma began in


Educational background

I earned an associate‚Äôs degree in business from Mid Michigan Community College.

What I love most about Alma College is...

I love Alma College because its expectation of excellence drives members of the Alma family to greatness. The college encourages students, faculty and staff to make a difference and leave their imprint on the world. Alma treats everyone with dignity and respect regardless of their affiliation with the college.

I chose to work at Alma College because...

I chose to work at Alma College because of the warm campus environment that includes students, employees and community members. Alma understands what the world needs from our graduates and encourages them to exceed that expectation. Many times, my husband and I have been approached by community members while we are wearing Alma attire; whether they are a graduate or family member they are proud to be a part of the Alma College family.