Nathan Atkinson



Class Year



Elk Rapids, MI

Why I got involved with Chapel

I got involved with Chapel because it is an exciting and active component of Alma College.

Why I applied to be an SMC

I applied for the SMC position because I saw an opportunity to gain responsibility for, and serve the Chapel, a place that is very important to my college life.

What I like most about being an SMC

My favorite part of Chapel and being a SMC is the feeling I get when the preparation that went into the service results in a meaningful and enjoyable experience for the students.

What I like most about being involved in Chapel

The biggest thing I have learned so far is just how large the body of Christ here at Alma College is; it is really uplifting to see so many people on campus who love Christ. I would also encourage others to attend Chapel because it is an opportunity to become a member of a loving and fun community.

Why I recommend other student get involved in Chapel

Hobbies and interests

I enjoy playing French horn in the band and orchestra, watching sports, and exercising.