Joseph Hanisko

Class of


My hometown is

Bay City,MI

My major(s):

Integrated Physiology and Health Science

After I graduate I plan to

I will be pursuing a career in physical therapy, where after PT school I hope to open up my own practicing clinic.

My favorite place on campus is

Wright Hall Study Rooms

Some of my favorite professors include

All the IPHS Faculty (Dr. Luetkemeier, Dr. Davis, Dr. Ball, Dr. Anderson, Drew Curry, Brittany Luckett, Prof. Wenta) , Dr. Turk, and Dr. Hill.

My greatest accomplishment at Alma is

I was involved with a NSF funded organic chemistry research study looking for medicinal inhibitors to the influenza virus.

I'd advise an Alma freshman to

Work to become organized, involved, and a hard worker.

I'd tell a student considering coming to Alma

Alma College is the right school for you if you are looking and willing to be a hard worker and striving to be successful in any aspect of life and work after school. Alma College has prepared me to the finest degree and given me countless opportunities that I will never forget.