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Christelle Perr’tiangha: Serving Others

Inspired by MTV’s Do Something Awards, Christelle Perr’tiangha is spearheading a local food project, recovering surplus perishable foods that would otherwise go to waste and donating it to people in need.

She hopes to expand the food recovery effort to the greater Alma area.

“I was watching MTV’s Do Something Awards, and the president of the Food Recovery Network was highlighted,” says Christelle. “I was looking to get involved in something philanthropically, so I found out more about the organization and reached out.”

Working with staff from Sodexo, Alma College’s food service provider, Perr’tiangha brings left-over cooked food from Hamilton Food Commons to Community Café at First Presbyterian Church every Thursday.

Since the national Food Recovery Network began working with college campuses in September 2011, more than 96,000 meals have been recovered.

“I continue to be impressed by Christelle’s willingness to give so much of her time, energy and effort for such a great cause,” says Steve Watkins, Sodexo general manager at Alma College. “She’s solely responsible for instigating very good things for even better reasons.”

Story published on December 03, 2013