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Daniel Jaremko: Research Ready

Daniel Jaremko made the choice to attend Alma College based on the chance to take a human dissection class — a rare feature at an undergraduate institution — along with the opportunities provided the faculty.

“When I visited the campus in my senior year of high school, I felt as though the professors were all very willing to provide whatever help was needed and offer guidance on school work, applications, anything,” says Jaremko. “This initial impression was very much confirmed during my four years at Alma College.”

Jaremko entered his freshman year interested in literature and creative writing. That changed with his enrollment in pre-medical science classes. Soon, he was involved in multiple research projects.

“The research I performed at Alma gave me the opportunity to travel to three national conferences,” he says. “This experience helped me both to develop my ability to present my research and also let me get an idea of how much research is going on and how many opportunities are out there.”

Jaremko is enrolled in the State University of New York at Buffalo’s Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP). After graduating from the program with both a doctorate degree and a medical degree, he plans to complete a residency program and possibly a post-doctoral research position.

His ultimate career goal is to secure a position at a large research institute, splitting his time as a physician scientist between clinical work with patients and performing research in the lab.


Story published on December 03, 2013