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Terra Teague Hess: Google Analyst

Terra Teague Hess ’08, a retail industry analyst for Google, credits her Alma Experience for preparing her for her professional field.

“At Alma you are always pushed and challenged to continuously reach outside your box and make the world better,” she says. “There are so many people to guide you. I look back, and I am so thankful because the experiences I had there weren’t just the college experiences, but ones that continue to shape my life.”

In addition to being a Barlow Trophy winner, Terra was senior class president, a Model UN delegate, a member of the Center for Responsible Leadership, and a business administration major.

“While your chosen field of study is important, thinking beyond it can give you a more realistic and respected view of the world — all the while making you a more well-rounded person,” she says. “ Despite being a business major, I took classes in geology, poetry, calculus, and religious studies.

“Some of the best advice I received was from a political science professor, who stressed the value of ‘always being a part of the conversation,’” she says. “His words continue to inspire me today as a professional businesswoman at Google — a position I was able to achieve next to the likes of Top 10 and Ivy League school candidates.”


Story published on December 03, 2013