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Brittany Verran: Rocking the Internships

Brittany Verran wasn’t yet finished with her internship at Alma Chrysler when she got the opportunity to interview for a summer internship with Ally Financial in Detroit through Alma College’s Center for Student Opportunity.

“I received an email that an Alma alumnus at Ally Financial was looking to collect resumes,” says the Alma College junior from Goodrich. “I forwarded my resume to the CSO, and less than 24 hours later I received a call from Ally Financial and did a phone interview on the spot.”

Two days after her phone interview Verran was invited to Ally Financial’s internship super day. A few weeks later she traveled to Detroit and participated in five hours worth of interviews. Three days after the interviews she received an offer for the internship she had liked the most.

Brittany VerranBrittany Verran

Not only did she find out about the internship through the CSO, it also helped her land the job.

“I went in for several mock interviews in the weeks before my real interviews, since I knew preparing for six interviews in five hours would be quite the task,” she says. “The mock interviews helped me to feel very prepared and relaxed on the day of my real interviews.”

The CSO offers various services to students who are in all phases of their internship searches, including job and internship search, resume development and personal branding workshops, says Laurie DeYoung, assistant director for career services.

“We also provide many opportunities for students to connect directly with alumni as they seek internships or full-time positions through Career EXPLO and on-campus speakers,” says DeYoung.

In her internships, Verran will work directly with dealers that Ally Financial works with, helping them to understand products the organization offers such as remarketing and advantage programs.

“I’ll work on presentations of how to better meet the needs of the dealer, as well as personally implementing ways of updating projects to what the dealer needs,” she says. “This internship involves a lot of responsibility and knowledge of the financial world and Ally Financial as a company.”

Verran, a business administration major with an emphasis in finance, also was helped by her Alma College education. She was the only student at the internship super day from a small, private college. She believes this is one of the reasons she stood out to her interviewers.

“Alma College has taught me that thinking inside the box is not acceptable in today’s workforce,” she says. “If you want to stand out you need to think critically about things in a way that others can’t.”


Story published on April 14, 2014
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