Writing Contest Winners 2014

The English Department announces its writing contest winters for 2014.


1st — “The Song of the Crab Apple” by Marissa Cook, Highland junior

2nd — “Dear Brother—Mozart’s Sister Addresses Him” by Kamryn Kurtzner, Gaylord senior

3rd — “The day my vagina ate the earth” by Emily Hollenberg, Ft. Wayne, Ind., senior


Honorable Mentions:

“Black Coffee” by Taylor Swanson, Farmington junior

“Staged” by Emily MacBeth, Port Huron senior


Creative Nonfiction

1st — “Everything in Pennsylvania” by Santino Dalla-Vecchia, Lansing sophomore

2nd — “Hand Me Down” by Ciara Lynch, Royal Oak junior

3rd — “The Man of the Fresco” by Jacob Hammer, Allegan senior


Opinion Essay

1st — “The Gift of Being Watched” by Katherine Hybl, Central Lake freshman

2nd _ “A Fortunate Misfortune: The First Three Days without Power” by Jessica Bigelow, Perry freshman

3rd — “The Toughest Choice” by Mackenzie Kalisiewicz, Warren freshman


Honorable Mention:

“Confessions of an Unlikely Fixer” by Ray Visser, Wyoming junior


Story published on April 08, 2014