String theory dualities in Mathematica

Physics major Emma Patmore spent her first summer at Alma as a PRISM student studying T-duality in string theory with the help of the Mathematica computer algebra system. She has presented her work at multiple conferences around the region.

String theory is an field of high energy physics seeking a unified description of the fundamental laws of nature. It has a reputation for being very complex, but that didn’t stop first-year student Emma Patmore from calculating new configurations as part of Alma’s PRISM program. With the help of Dr. Jensen, she used the Mathematica computer algebra system to study new systems using “T-duality”, a deep relationship between seemingly different configurations of string theory objects. Emma created the research poster below, and has already presented it at multiple research conferences. (Click for a larger version!)


Poster presented by Emma Patmore describing her PRISM project.

Story published on November 17, 2012