Planned Giving

Planned and Life Income Gifts are tools for making significant gifts to Alma College in ways that can be extremely tax advantageous for donors. These include:

  • Bequests through a will;
  • Gift annuities, which provide life income to donors and beneficiaries;
  • Charitable remainder trusts, which create life income for donors plus a tax deduction for up to six years;
  • Charitable lead trusts allow transfer of assets to heirs at reduced tax cost and generous gift to Alma College;
  • Life insurance policies — naming Alma College as a beneficiary or gifting ownership of policy to the College;
  • Retirement plan assets — naming Alma College as beneficiary. 

To learn more, or to begin the process, please visit our planned giving site or contact Planned Giving Director Bob Murray at (989) 463-7316 or 1-800-291-1312.