Academic Resources

Because your student’s success is important to Alma College, a variety of resources are in place to support students throughout their college career, including advising, mentoring and tutoring.

Faculty Advisors

Upon admission, each student is matched with a faculty or staff advisor on the basis of academic, career and personal interests. Working with this advisor, students plan their courses and evaluate their progress.

For those who are uncertain about their interests, advisors assist in helping students explore and establish a career direction. Through this guidance, students learn to take on responsibility for their academic choices and careers.

Additional Resources

While academic goals may change throughout the course of a student’s college career, advisors also may accordingly change. Departmental advising guides, information about requirements, and other helpful resources can be found at the Center for Student Opportunity.

In addition to the advising and mentoring aspect of the student-advisor relationship, students also can find help through peer tutoring. The Center for Student Opportunity offers individual or group tutoring free of charge to Alma students.