• Q: Where can I find information about counseling services for my student at Alma College?

    A: As parents of an Alma College student you may have questions about the services available to your students. The Counseling & Wellness Center has its own web site where you’ll find answers to many of your questions.

  • Q: I’ve heard that I can order a care package to be delivered to my student. How do I do that?

    A: The Alma College Alumni Office and Student Alumni Association offer parents an easy way to send balloons, birthday cakes or giant cookies to their students to celebrate birthdays or other special occasions. Simply select the item you wish to order from the drop-down menu and the item(s) you request will be personally delivered. Please place orders a minimum of 2 business days prior to delivery date.  Visit the online store here.

  • Q: I’ve heard that there’s a way to send an Exam Kit to my student. What is it and what does it include?

    A: Exam Kits are available for parents to order for their students every term at exam time. Exam Kits help students relieve stress and get through the tough period of final exams. They are personally delivered by students and members of the Parent Association. Exam Kits cost $20 and can be ordered online. They usually include the following items: applesauce, juice boxes, pretzels, cheddar cheese crackers, oatmeal, Chex mix, ramen noodles, Life Savers, popcorn, Easy Mac, Rice Krispie Treats, fruit snacks, cereal, granola bars, and Twizzlers. All proceeds from Exam Kits are used to help fund the parent engagement programs at Alma College.


    Winter 2015 Exam Kit ordering deadline is Friday April 3rd;

    Delivery will be on Sat, April 11. 


  • Q: What type of telephone should my student buy for their residence hall room?

    A: Any analog telephone will work. Sometimes, a corded phone has better reception than one without a cord. If the student would like to have a voice mailbox set up, the phone cannot have an answering machine incorporated with it.

  • Q: Why can’t I dial through to my student in his/her room?

    A: A caller must dial the 466 prefix for all student rooms, rather than the 463 for all other campus numbers.

  • Q: Are students allowed to bring a wireless access point or routing device to campus?

    A: These devices are prohibited on campus. Residence halls have wireless service. Personal wireless access points are not needed and can interfere with campus wireless services.

  • Q: Are wireless network services available on campus?

    A: Yes. Wireless service is available in all campus facilities.

  • Q: What happens if my student’s computer is having issues?

    A: The Alma College IT Help Desk (989-463-7303) is available between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday to answer your student’s questions. The IT Help Desk can provide basic repair services (software-based issues only); however, we are unable to provide “advanced” repair services such as hardware repair because of manufacturer warranties.

    A resident computer consultant (RCC) also is assigned to each residence hall to assist students with their computer issues.

  • Q: I’ve been told that Mac computers can’t get viruses. Do I still need to install antivirus software on my student’s Mac?

    A: Unfortunately, Macs are susceptible to viruses as well. Therefore, Alma College does require that antivirus software be installed on your Mac computer. If you do not have antivirus software, the College provides Sophos antivirus for free.

  • Q: Does my student need antivirus software on his/her computer or does Alma College install its own antivirus software?

    A: The Alma College Network supports 85+ antivirus applications, including Norton AntiVirus, AVG Free, McAfee, etc. You may purchase your own antivirus software, install a free antivirus application or use Sophos AntiVirus, provided to students by the college for free.

  • Q: Does Alma College have discounted software that my student can purchase?

    A: Alma College does not sell software directly but does provide educational discounts through Computer Discount Warehouse.

  • Q: Should my student get a laptop or desktop computer?

    A: A majority of our campus uses laptop computers for their mobility. However, it is completely your choice whether to purchase a laptop or desktop computer.

  • Q: Does Alma College sell computers to students?

    A: Unfortunately, the college does not sell computers directly to students. However, we are able to provide educational discounts through Apple and Dell.

  • Q: Does Alma College recommend computer brands?

    A: Instead of recommending a computer brand, the college is able to offer educational discounts through Apple and Dell. Contact the Help Desk for additional information.

  • Q: What are the minimum requirements for my student’s computer?

    A: Any new computer sold from a brand retail outlet (Best Buy, Newegg, etc.) and manufactured in the past 2-3 years will meet the requirements of the college’s systems.

  • Q: What type of computer should my student bring? (Or: Should I buy my student a Mac or Windows computer?)

    A: This tends to be related to the major that the student has selected. Business, English and similar majors tend to use Windows. Media-based majors (New Media/Art/Communication) typically use Macs. Science-based majors tend to be a combination of both. IPHS students need to use Windows-based software. Choose the platform that the student is more comfortable using.

  • Q: When and how does my student register for a parking permit?

    A: Student parking registration begins the first week of April for the following school year. Incoming student registration begins the first week of July. Information regarding parking permits, parking policies and the parking lot map is available on this site.

  • Q: What steps has the College taken to ensure a safe campus?

    A: A number of measures are in place. High-tech student ID cards restrict access to residence halls except to students living there or authorized personnel. Security officers patrol the campus during night hours. Blue light safety phones are located at strategic campus locations. Education programs include campus crime prevention, sexual assault awareness and the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse. The Counseling Center works with various other units to educate groups on campus on sexual assault and violence.

    Alma College contracts with STT, a private security company, to provide 24-hour campus security. The security office is located in the Reid-Knox Administration Building; phone (989) 463-7777. The college and STT also work closely with the Alma Police Department, which has an officer assigned for campus coverage.

    In addition to overseeing campus safety, STT officers open and close buildings, check alarms, respond to calls, enforce parking rules, oversee lost and found items on campus, and conduct weekend party patrols. All STT officers are AER and CPR certified.

  • Q: How do students get involved with Chapel?

    A: Students are always welcome to attend Chapel-sponsored events by simply showing up! An overview of Chapel events is available on the Chapel website and specific events are posted on the Alma College events calendar. Students may also contact the college’s chaplain, Noel Snyder, at any time for more information. Students who wish to receive a weekly e-mail about Chapel activities may ask the chaplain to be added to the mailing list or e-mail In addition, students are invited to join the “Alma College Chapel” Facebook group.

  • Q: What is religious life like on campus?

    A: Alma College has a variety of opportunities for those who wish to be engaged in religious and spiritual life. We offer regular Christian worship services on campus, small group Bible studies and fellowship groups, seminars and retreats, service opportunities, and fun fellowship events. In addition, students who wish to be involved in the leadership of religious and spiritual life on campus will find many opportunities to be engaged. Contact chaplain Noel Snyder for additional information.

  • Q: Does Alma College send news about student accomplishments to hometown newspapers?

    A. Yes, the Communication and Marketing Office provides the Dean’s List and Graduation List to newspapers and also distributes select hometown news stories on awards and campus activity. If you have a question regarding a specific news item, contact the Communication and Marketing Office at (989) 463-7327 or (Attention: Nan Freed).

  • Q: When should my student start using the college’s career services?

    A: The answer is simple: as soon as possible. It is a great idea for even first-year students to start making regular appointments with the staff in the Center for Student Opportunity. It is very helpful to develop their résumé early and look for missing links that they can fill in during their next four years at Alma. It is also very beneficial for students to talk about a four-year plan and think how to bridge the gap between academics and their career.

  • Q: How should I help my student in the job search process?

    A: Encourage your student to take advantage of the career services available through the Center for Student Opportunity. The CSO offers career services, including résumé and cover letter workshops and graduate school application informational sessions. It also offers a variety of workshops and hosts events on campus like Career Explo and the Internship/Summer Jobs Fair and takes students to a variety of career fairs around the state. Juniors and seniors can sign up for the Chicago In-City Interview trip where they navigate the city and network with Alma alumni for career exploration.

    Another great way to help your student is to encourage him/her to participate in experiential learning opportunities. These can include study abroad, internships, service learning, on-campus jobs and co-curricular activities such as participation in student organizations. This involvement will pay dividends for them by diversifying their skill set and expanding their network.

  • Q: How can I find my student’s mailbox number?

    A: Use the form below:

  • Q: How does a residential student submit a work order for his or her room?

    A: All work orders are to be submitted through the building’s resident assistant (RA).

  • Q: I made a payment to Sallie Mae recently but it still doesn’t show on my student’s account. Why?

    A: At the end of each month Sallie Mae provides the college with reports showing payments received during the month. Therefore, payments made to Sallie Mae are posted to student accounts in the month following the month in which the payment is made.

  • Q: What is “pending financial aid”?

    A: Pending financial aid is aid that has not yet been posted to the student account because further action is needed. In most cases, something is missing to complete the transaction, such as a missing signed promissory note. A state grant may be listed as pending until the funds are actually received from the state. The student should speak to a staff member in the Financial Aid Office to determine what needs to be done.

  • Q: How can I get information related to my son’s or daughter’s student account with Alma College?

    A: Federal regulations require that student account information be kept confidential unless the student has given authorization to another individual to access the information. Students would need to the provide people to whom they wish to grant access their Personal Identification Number (PIN) and answer to the selected security question for the Alma College student web portal.