Transitioning to College

Chemistry with Jeff Turk

Building a Broad Foundation

Alma’s liberal arts experience allows students, just as they did in high school, to explore a range of disciplines while building a broad foundation. College differs in that it also prepares students to excel in a specific program.


A major is a concentration of courses that gives students a basic knowledge of a particular field of study while preparing them for the professional world or graduate work. Students can receive assistance selecting a major through guidance from their advisor or the Center for Student Opportunity.

College Classes

Unlike many high school schedules, college classes typically meet only a few times a week for several hours. Students should be proactive in seeking help concerning assignments or other questions.

In college, exams, papers and projects often make up the majority of a student’s grade in a class, and extra credit work isn’t typically offered. In short: results matter.


Parents, however, are not necessarily privy to these results. A federal law, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects the privacy of student education records unless we have specific permission from your student to share details with you.

Outside the Classroom

How students spend their time outside of the classroom—athletics, organizations or other activities—is up to them, but it’s important that students set priorities and make sure that they maintain a balance between academic expectations and other involvement.