All About Alma

Heritage Center decorated for the holidays

Alma College is an undergraduate, private, liberal arts institution that highlights personalized education, social responsibility and extraordinary achievements.
What does this mean?

Well, you can be confident that your son or daughter will graduate a well-rounded individual with critical thinking skills and knowledge in a variety of topics. Alma offers more than 40 majors, minors, pre-professional programs and self-designed programs of emphasis. There’s a lot of learning going on here!

Engaged Learners

Learning doesn’t just take place inside the classroom. Along with campus activities and service learning, Alma students have the opportunity to grow through opportunities like Spring Term, a short term during the month of May that allows students to delve deeply into a specific topic.

The Alma Experience

There are many highlights of the Alma experience. By the time your student crosses the stage at commencement, not only will he or she have had a transformative educational experience in the classroom, but it is likely that she or he will have participated in one of our student organizations, performed with other students in a musical or theatrical setting, or challenged her or his athletic ability on the field.

We hope the families of our students can share in these accomplishments by attending academic presentations at Honors Day, a performance at the Remick Heritage Center, or attending an athletic contest.