Parent & Grandparent Day 2013

As the parent or family member of an Alma College student you are a part of the Alma College family. We hope you will engage with your student and the college by attending events and considering other types of involvement, such as the Parent Association. 

This section of the website is designed to assist you in accessing information that may help you support the success of your Alma College student. If there is something else you feel would be helpful to have located here, please let us know. 

Questions? Just Ask!

As your student prepares to enter college, it is likely that you are filled with hopes and dreams for your son or daughter. You’re probably also filled with questions. We hope that you will find many of the answers to your questions on this website. Should any additional questions or concerns arise, however, we encourage you to reach out.

Offering Support

We want your son or daughter to have a meaningful college experience at Alma: one that is filled with challenge, growth and success. We are committed to supporting our students both academically and personally throughout their Alma experience.