Admissions & Aid

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Obtain a Student Visa?

Once accepted to Alma College, an I-20 (for an F1 Student Visa) or DS 2019 (for a J1 Student Visa) will be mailed directly to you along with your official acceptance letter.  You will need to schedule an appointment in your home country’s U.S. Embassy/U.S. Consulate Office to obtain your visa. Be sure to pay your I-901 SEVIS fee and review the visa application carefully prior to your meeting at the US Embassy.

Is Orientation Required?

Yes, but this is a valuable time to prepare and schedule for your classes, get to know the campus and local community, establish friendships, meet your faculty advisor, participate in meaningful activities and learn about clubs and organizations, meet the International Director and friendly office staff, learn about F1 or J1 immigration regulations, and gain important information about the many opportunities Alma College has for you throughout the life of your education.  The College provides free initial airport pickups and we’ll help get you settled in your residence hall.

Can I Join a Student Organization or Club?

Yes!  In fact, we strongly recommend you join any and all clubs and organizations of interest. Alma College offers almost 100 student organizations and clubs and this is a great way to stay engaged with campus events, gain new friends, travel within and outside the state of Michigan, and enhance your campus quality of life exponentially. 

Meals on Campus - What are My Choices?

Sodexo, Inc. provides a variety of food choices and dining options with convenient meal times. We also accommodate student dietary needs such as vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, diabetic, and gluten-free options.

What Kind of Weather Does Alma, Michigan Have?

Alma is a city within a four-season state, Michigan.  Fall is spectacular with an array of colors, spring has beautiful with lots of flowers and blooming trees and summers are mild. Very few houses have or need air conditioning in the summer.  Winters can be very cold with lots of snow but we enjoy outdoor winter sports - try cross-country skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing!  Prior to your arrival, we’ll provide a recommended list of things to pack to prepare for the seasons.

Is Medical Insurance Required and Medical Care Available?

Yes, as an F1 or J1 visa holder, you are required to have medical insurance at all times. To ensure this, the college requires you to enroll in the Alma College international student health insurance which is for your protection while studying and traveling in the U.S.  The Wilcox Medical Center on campus is a comprehensive site for non-emergency care.  A local hospital for emergency care is nearby the hospital, as well as specialized services sites.