Admissions & Aid


Grants are need-based aid, so your eligibility for the following programs is determined by the information presented on your FAFSA. Like scholarships, grants are considered “free money,” so you do not have to pay them back

If you are eligible for any of the following grants, they will appear on your financial aid package. You do not have to apply for them separately; just be sure to file the FAFSA for consideration.

Alma College Heritage Grant: These grants in various amounts are awarded by Alma College, depending on financial need.

Federal Pell Grant: These grants, up to $5,500, are awarded by the federal government according to the Pell Grant formula.

Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (SEOG): These grants of up to $500 are awarded to Pell-eligible students with the lowest expected family contribution until funds are used up.

State of Michigan Tuition Grant/Michigan Competitive Scholarship: These grants of up to $1,512 are awarded to Michigan residents by the State of Michigan, depending on financial need. In order for this money to be applied to your Alma College expenses, you must list Alma as the first choice on your FAFSA.