Admissions & Aid

Outside Scholarships

While Alma offers many great scholarship opportunities, there are a lot of other scholarships out there. To save you some time, we’ve compiled some great outside scholarships that we hope you take advantage of! 

Incoming Freshmen
Current Students


 Looking for Outside Scholarships - Tips for Getting Started:

  • Look locally first.

  • Check to see if your county has a Community Foundation that offers scholarships.

  • Check with your church or place of worship;

    • There may be local, regional or national scholarships through your denomination.

  • Check with local Rotary, Lions, Eagles and Elks clubs.

  • Check with your parents; do their employers offer scholarships?

  • Pay Attention to Deadlines;

    • Find promising scholarships with expired deadlines? Make a list so you can apply when they open again.

Additional Resources

In addition to the specific scholarships listed, we have also compiled a list of websites that may provide additional scholarship resources.

Scholarship sponsors may send their information to Megan Bahlke. Please include full contact information including website link, scholarship requirements and deadlines.