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Religious Leadership Award

Deadline: February 15

High school seniors and incoming transfer students who have been active participants and leaders in their church or religious organization are invited to apply for the Alma College Religious Leadership Award, a scholarship based on their history of involvement and leadership in any faith tradition. The award, valued at $1,000 annually, may be renewed for up to four years.

The Religious Leadership Award recognizes those students who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to their faith community and who have the potential to enhance spiritual life on campus by participating in one of our many spiritual life opportunities at Alma College.

For consideration, please submit both of the student essays and the faith leader reference by February 15 using the forms provided.

A minimum of five Religious Leadership Awards are granted each year; all students, regardless of award status, will find many ways to be involved and help lead spiritual life activities on campus.

Expectations for Religious Leadership Award Recipients include:

  1. Be an active, practicing member of an established faith tradition, such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism or Buddhism.
  2. Continue to actively practice his/her faith tradition while at college.
  3. Participate regularly in at least one spiritual life organization (e.g., chapel, small groups, Interfaith Council, Catholic Student Organization, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, New Life).
  4. Demonstrate satisfactory academic progress.

Satisfactory fulfillment of the above expectations will constitute qualification for renewal of the Religious Leadership Award.

Application Process for Religious Leadership Award:

  1. Apply to Alma College
  2. Complete the Religious Leadership Award application.
  3. Ask a leader in your faith community (ex: pastor, youth group leader, etc.) for a recommendation. The form must be submitted by February 15.
(250 - 500 words)
(250 - 500 words)