Admissions & Aid

Forms & Resources

This online library contains forms and other resources that may be necessary or helpful during the financial aid process. If you have any questions about these documents, please contact us at (989) 463-7347.

Financial Aid Forms

Student Loan Instructions

Federal Direct Loan Request - Use this form if you would like to take out a Federal Direct Loan.

PLUS Loan Application - Use this form to apply for a PLUS Loan.

FAFSA Signature Page - Use this form if you have been informed that you still need to sign your FAFSA.

Student Status Determination - Use this form if you have indicated on your FAFSA that you are an independent student. This will allow us to confirm your independent status and move forward with the financial aid process.  Am I a Dependent or Independent Student?

Financial Aid Verification Forms

  • Dependent Verification Worksheets
  • Independent Verification Worksheets

Verification Guide

Tax Information Sheet

Resource Verification for Dependent Students

Resource Verification for Independent Students 

Parent Asset Verification Worksheet 

Student Asset Verification Worksheet 

Verification of Untaxed Income for Dependent Students

Verification of Untaxed Income for Independent Students

Dependency Override Appeal

Statement of Educational Purpose

Financial Aid Resources

Department of Education Guide to Financial Aid

National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS)

Alma College Financial Counseling