Act, direct, design sets or even take a stage combat course. At Alma you can do it all.

Our academic and production programs serve as excellent preparation for advanced training and study at the graduate level for careers in all areas of theatre arts.

At Alma, theatre is a living process. Theory in class is combined with extensive experience in production. The small college environment makes it possible for students to be intimately and directly involved in theatre from freshman through senior years. The liberal arts are emphasized while the fine art of theatre is practiced - a meaningful cooperation.

As a part of the Alma College Theatre Program, you can select courses in acting, directing, dance, design, technical theatre, theatre management and theatre history. Working closely with the faculty, you will experience a wide variety of theatrical styles ranging from the classics through the contemporary theatre.

Students interested in theatre find many hands-on opportunities to practice their art and craft:

  • First-year students have the opportunity to be cast in major roles.

  • Directing students have the opportunity to direct one-act plays as part of our annual One-Act Play Festival and advanced directing students have the opportunity to direct full-length productions.

  • Design students have access to excellent lighting, scenery, costume, sound, and shop facilities. Student designers are involved in all of our theatre productions and have the opportunity to design scenery, lights, costume or sound for our major productions.

  • Technical Theatre students make extensive use of the state-of-the-art facilities offered by the Heritage Center, serving as stage managers, master electricians, properties masters and in many other major positions.