Types of Venture Experiences

The goal of Venture is to enable significant, high-impact experiences that will make a difference for you moving forward in your studies and your life after Alma.

To this end, Venture experiences should be a minimum of 150 hours and allow you to demonstrate the development of professional or analytical skills. For details, see the Alma Venture Policy.

Types of Venture experiences include:

  • Clinical experience
  • Internship
  • Off-campus study (domestic or international programs)
  • Research
  • Eligible applied Spring Term courses

Of course, this breakdown does not necessarily cover every possible type of Venture opportunity. If you want to propose a Venture that does not fit neatly into one of these categories, make an appointment to talk to Carla Jensen in the Center for Student Opportunity to discuss how that experience might align with the criteria for the Alma Venture.

Examples of Venture-Eligible Experiences:


Michelle Jerezano interned at McDonald’s Corporation in Chicago. She honed her professional skills and learned about best practices in corporate communications.



During the summer of 2012, Zakk Hardyniec conducted research in the field of muscle biology that was funded by an American Physiological Society Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship, a fellowship awarded to fewer than 30 students from across the country each year. His research in  focused on cell biological and molecular techniques to define the mechanism(s) underlying aging-related sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass). This work is critical to identification of therapeutic interventions that will halt/reverse physiological changes associated with limited independence and quality of life for the elderly.


Eligible Spring Term Courses

The courses offered, as well as the travel locations, change each year. This means you could be in London one year and in Hong Kong the next! Check here for the most up-to-date list of Spring Term courses.