Financial Counseling

We help you find and use financial resources; work on ways to effectively pay for college; research scholarships and loans; and prepare for financial independence after college.

Our goal is to get you planning ahead and thinking long term about finances. Our services can include one-on-one sessions, small-group meetings, our online resources at or workshops. 

What you should know

The Financial Counseling Office is located in the Center for Student Opportunity.

In addition to assisting you in finding financial resources, we also work with you to understand and shape your spending habits, create and work with a budget, and how to adjust your financial perceptions into positive, effective financial planning. 

We want to ensure you are ready for what life brings after Alma. What does it take to build a good credit score? How do you qualify for a car loan or mortgage? When should you get a credit card, and should you pay off the balance every month? We’re here to help you learn the answers to these questions and more.  You’ll be on your way to financial freedom by the time you graduate!


How we team up with our faculty

We have classroom presentations where we share information regarding most financial topics such as budgeting, realizing and shaping good spending habits, learning about a credit report and credit scores, learning about bank accounts and how to use them, and identity theft.