Assistive Technology

We offer assistive technologies.

Alma College offers the Kurzweil 3000 software program for Alma College students to use. The program provides text-to-speech options for users and it also has a variety of tools to enhance reading, writing, and studying, including:

  • Advanced dictionary,
  • Homophone finder,
  • Highlighting function,
  • Text to mp3 conversion,
  • Fact mapping, and
  • Word prediction

Other assistive technology resources available at the Center for Student Opportunity include:

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking—voice recognition software,
  • ZoomText—screen magnifier/reader,
  • Smart Pen—recording device, and
  • DigiMemo—handwriting recognition.

For more information about assistive technologies available at Alma College, contact the Disability Services Coordinator by phone at (989) 463-7407 or email at