Honors Day

Honors Day was established to celebrate scholarly and creative activities in the liberal arts on Alma’s campus.

Over the years, Alma College has fostered a tradition of involving undergraduate students in high-level scholarship and creative work. Our students have presented the results of their work from the laboratories, library, and studios in local, national, and international venues.

All Alma students are invited to present their work on this exciting day. The Honors Day Committee encourages submissions of quality projects displaying methods of scholarship and creativity appropriate to their authors’ disciplines. Students who are interested should consult with their research or academic advisors.

From left: Emily Martin, Rachel Giza, Rachel Shane and Grant Isley.From left: Emily Martin, Rachel Giza, Rachel Shane and Grant Isley.Rachel Giza, Grant Isley, Emily Martin and Rachel Shane were the 2013 recipients of the Ronald O. Kapp Honors Day Prize for their outstanding Honors Day presentations in the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences. Giza, a senior from Goodrich, presented “The Unspoken: The Necessity of Language in ‘Sister Carrie,’ “The House of Mirth’ and “The Awakening.’” Isley, a senior from Midland, presented “Economic and Agriculture Development of African Countries Involved in the Late Decolonization Movement.” Martin, a senior from Midland, presented “Vertical Ground Reaction Force Production and Joint Angle Compensation after Barefoot Running Training Program.” Shane, a senior from Stevensville, presented “The Impact of Motherloss on Motherless Daughters.”

The 2014 celebration will begin with a keynote lecture by Mr. Will Allen, founder and CEO of Growing Power Inc. on the evening of April 2. Student presentations and performances will take place throughout the day April 3.