Student Research

You can sit in class and study about it elsewhere or you can come to Alma College and get to work!

At Alma College, your classroom learning comes to life in cutting-edge research experiences. Your laboratory? It’s the whole world!

Primate Research

Alma College Junior Chelsea Bennett’s interest in animal behavior took her deep into a Nicaraguan rainforest over the summer months. Her specific target was the mantled howler monkey—a primate about the size of a large cat—found primarily in Central and South America.  “I have always wanted to travel, but I never expected this kind of experience. It was so much fun. I want to study animal behavior, do field research and see animals in their natural habitat.”

Medical Breakthrough

Three years after receiving a $150,000 National Science Foundation grant, undergraduate student researchers working with Associate Professor Jeff Turk have developed a molecule that inhibits certain strains of the human influenza virus.  The grant through the NSF’s Research in Undergraduate Institutions (RUI) program supported the synthesis of a new generation of neuraminidase inhibitors that Dr. Turk says could guide the future development of antiviral drugs.

Understanding Ethnic Identity

With Scotland set to vote on independence in September 2014, students in Dr. Britt Cartrite’s political science spring term course will again travel to Scotland to explore Scottish identity and nationalism to better understand why some Scots want independence but others are happy remaining British. “All of Europe is watching Scotland this year, as a successful vote for independence could be the first in a series of secessions and the break-up of many countries.”

Sound exciting? Alma College believes so strongly in the value of these experiential learning opportunities that we want to make them possible for every student. Venture Grants and other scholarships are available to support student research and study abroad opportunities. What will you work for?