MacKenzie Mercer '14 with Psychology Rats

Featured Course:

Behavior Modification: Applied Psychology

Application of psychological principles to human concerns, including teaching, child care, stress management, study skills, self-control and persuasion.

We encourage our psychology students to look at thought and action from a scientific perspective, to undertake independent research projects and to apply classroom knowledge through practicum experiences.

Undergraduate work in Psychology is required for professional preparation in a wide range of psychological specialties and neuroscience; it also provides an appropriate foundation for work in such areas as cognitive science, public health, law, medicine, social work, management and the ministry.

In addition to giving students a thorough understanding of the various sub-fields of psychology, we try to provide opportunities not available at many other institutions. For example, in our introductory course, students conduct experiments rather than just read about them.

In upper-level courses, students use professional tools to engage in their own original research. Other examples include international travel to sites that are important to the history of the field, and opportunities to learn specialized skills such as psychophysical measurement, linguistic analysis and electron microscopy.