Pre-Law Scholarships

Alma College is distinctive among the nation’s quality liberal arts colleges because it offers a limited number of pre-law scholarships to talented new students.

Pre-law scholarships range from $500 to $2,000 per year. These scholarships are renewable for a maximum of four years, conditional on good academic performance, continuing commitment to law school as an option after graduation and enrollment each fall and winter term in one course drawn from a list of courses provided by the pre-law coordinator and deemed suitable for pre-law students. First year pre-law scholarship holders are also expected to interact with other pre-law students by attending meetings of the Alma College Barrister Society, run by and for pre-law students.

Candidates’ performances on all of the following are taken into account in awarding pre-law scholarships:

  1. High school (or, for transfer student, high school and college) academic record, especially in college-bound courses;
  2. ACT and/or SAT scores;
  3. Two essays of approximately 300 words each in response to one of the questions listed below. One essay will argue for a “yes” answer to the question, and the other will argue “no.” 

The deadline for the Pre-Law Scholarship is February 15.

For more information about the Alma College Pre-Law Scholarships, contact the current Pre-Law Coordinator, Dr. Kristin Olbertson, at (989) 463-7246 or

This exercise is designed to see how well applicants can use evidence and logic to make arguments. Please answer only one of the questions below. Applicants’ personal opinions are not relevant to the exercise and have no bearing on scholarship awards.

GPA must be 3.2 or higher to qualify for the scholarship.
GPA must be 3.2 or higher to qualify for the scholarship.
ACT must be 22 or higher to qualify for the scholarship; SAT (Critical Reading and Math) much be 1040 or higher.