New Members

Congratulations to the 2014 - 2015 Alma College Choir!

More than 40 members of the Chorale and Glee Club auditioned this week to become new members of the Alma Choir. The level of singing and sight reading was very high. Thank you to all who sang an audition — there were more talented singers than there were open spots. If any other spots open up, Dr. Nichols will add singers from the list of those who auditioned.

Soprano 1 Alto 2
Kathleen Brown Gabrielle Fazio
Joanna Delpaz Cierra Kalinovik
Jessica Drife Kara Nic (winter only)
Sandi Russell Rebecca Parker
Marlee Schilbe (winter only) Brittney Roggow
Samantha Sims Natalie Soggett
Brianna Williams  
Soprano 2 Ethan Akans
Shayla Baldwin Tyler Beistline
Carrie Berkompas Isaac Burrell
Helen Bess Will Donahue
Jessica Bigelow Ian James
Megan Buckley John Kimball
Ciara Lynch Cody Rozeveld
Sam Fisher Tyler Schuiteman
Kristin Throop Cameron Tahaney
Brittany Verran (fall only)  
Alto 1 Ali Ahmed
Alora Adams Quinton Alexander
Caroline Asiala Santino Dalla-Vecchio
Laura Hassold Earl Carr
Mary Losee Charles Fales
Ainslee Rubino Colin Hale (fall only)
Sarah Scales (winter only) Wesley Hoyle
Grace Sutherland Quinn Kemerer
  Jared Mason
  Adam Mossoian
  Billy Mulligan
  John Urdiales
  Matt Wallace
  Matt Wimmler
  Matt Yettaw