With three large choirs, several small student-led close harmony ensembles, and a membership of more than 180 students, the Alma Choirs rival the choral experience at the largest public universities—while maintaining the traditions and engagement with campus life possible only in the finest liberal arts settings.


For more than 100 years the Alma College Choirs have offered Alma students the opportunity to sing and travel together. The shared musical experiences build friendships that have proven to last a lifetime and the traditions of the Choirs forge a unique connection between alumni and current Choir members.  

The three Alma College Choirs play an important role on the Alma campus where singing is accepted as an artistic endeavor worthy of a student’s time and best effort. Nearly 15% of Alma students are members of the Glee Club, the College Chorale or the Alma Choir, and everyone on campus has friends in one or more of the choirs.