Getting a Passport

How do I apply for a passport?

Go to the State Department Passport website
The site contains application instructions for a first-time applicant and for passport renewals. Please note that your passport needs to be valid for 6 months after the date of your expected return to the United States. 

Where I can apply for a passport locally?

Use the State Department link to locate Passport Acceptance Facilities. You can also search for Passport Acceptance Facilities that take photos on-site.

At the time of publication, the Alma and Elwell post offices, and Gratiot County Clerk’s Office accept applications, but you should confirm this online first.

Where can I get my passport photos taken?

The following businesses on Wright Avenue in Alma will take official passport photos. At publication, prices range from $8 - 11 for two photos. Some passport agencies also take photos for a fee.

  • Rite Aid          (989) 463-6111
  • Walgreens     (989) 463-2704
  • Wal-mart        (989) 463-6770

Have an official passport photo taken, then make multiple copies on photo paper using a color printer, or take the photo to a business such as Wal-mart to use their photo kiosk to make multiple copies at a low price.

Visit the U.S Department of State website for a list of photo requirements.

How long does it take the State Department to process a passport?

It typically takes between 4-6 weeks to get a passport, though it can be longer depending on the time of year. Go to the U.S Department of State website to get a current estimation of processing time:  

What does a passport cost?

Fees vary depending on whether one buys a passport and book, passport only, etc. Refer to the U.S Department of State website for current fees.