Preparing Students for Off-Campus Study

Will you be leading a group of students off-campus or working with students planning independent college-related travel or internships? These resources are for you!

Day trips off-campus

If you will be traveling with a group of students on off-campus day-trips, collect pertinent health and emergency contact information with this Off-Campus Activity Form prior to departure. Send the completed forms in a single PDF to prior to departure, or turn them in at the front desk of the Center for Student Opportunity. Make sure you keep a copy for yourself that you can access while off-campus!

If you will have multiple day trips throughout your course, note the dates and locations of each trip on the form, or consider setting up an online travel registry for the class by emailing

Overnight and extended travel off-campus

If you will be traveling overnight or on extended trips with students, either domestically or internationally, the Off-Campus Study office in the Center for Student Opportunity can set up online travel registration for your class and give you access to all of their completed waiver and medical forms and emergency contact information online. This will give you 24/7 access to this information in the event of an off-campus emergency. Also, in the event of a critical incident (e.g. natural disaster or terrorist attack), the online registry will help the College quickly identify whether Alma students may have been affected.

Student International Travel Policy

In March 2014, Alma College adopted the Student International Travel Policy. This policy outlines the circumstances under which the College restricts student travel to locations deemed high risk, as well as the process by which faculty and staff may petition for exemptions from the travel policy. Travel is restricted to locations for which the US Department of State has issued a travel warning, OR where the EIIA/FrontierMEDEX WorldWatch deems the location to have a “High” or “Very High” threat level (level 4 or level 5 on their 5-point rating scale). Click here for a report on the FrontierMEDEX security threat level determination system.

If you are planning international travel (e.g. a Spring Term course) that will involve international travel with students, OR if you are working with students on plans for independent college-related travel (e.g. sponsoring a P-Global application or an international internship), please contact Carla Jensen or Cassie Tennant for the most recent copy of the EIIA/FrontierMEDEX WorldWatch report for the location(s) of interest.

International Emergency Medical Insurance

Alma students enrolled through the Center for Student Opportunity in approved off-campus study programs are covered by the Alma College international emergency medical insurance policy. Students attending other Alma College approved international opportunities such as faculty-led Spring Term programs may also qualify for coverage under this policy. To learn if a travel experience will be covered, contact Alma College’s insurance representative Cassie Tennant by email or by telephone at (989) 463-7156.

Review the summary of benefits and claims procedures.

At Pre-departure Orientation, students will be provided with EIIA/FrontierMEDEX wallet cards with instructions on how to contact FrontierMEDEX for medical or other emergency travel assistance needs.

Note: it is important that students maintain their US health insurance during their time abroad. In the event of a medical evacuation back to the United States, this policy will not cover any treatment or service provided in the US.

Pre-departure Orientation

Once each Fall and Winter semester, the Off-Campus Study office  will hold a mandatory pre-departure orientation session for all students traveling abroad the following semester.

Please remind your students that they are required to attend this session if they will be traveling outside the United States. If you know of any students planning independent international college-related experiences (e.g. internships, independent studies, or non-Alma study abroad programs), please inform the Off-Campus Study office in the Center for Student Opportunity so that we can notify these students about pre-departure orientation dates. Thank you!

 Support for Off-Campus Spring Terms

The Center for Student Opportunity provides support to Spring Term courses traveling off-campus in the ways outlined here. Please contact the Off-Campus Study office in the Center for Student Opportunity if you have any questions.