Experiential Learning

Alma College features robust experiential learning options for students that allow you to gain real-world experiences outside of the traditional classroom environment in unique settings around the world. Where will you venture?


We believe you should have at least one opportunity to pursue your passion, explore your purpose in life, or just step out of your comfort zone and try something you never imagined.

As part of the Alma Commitment, every student will have an Alma Venture, whether it’s summer research, internship, off-campus study, or some other experiential learning opportunity.

The Alma Venture will help you put classroom learning into practice through an amazing internship, research fellowship, hands-on clinical experiences, off-campus study, campus leadership opportunity or another approved learning experience.

We want each student to have one of these hands-on practical experiences because we know that they are ideal preparation for after-college plans.

So check out the options under each of these categories, and see if there isn’t something that tickles your fancy just a bit. And remember, part of our Alma Commitment is to ensure you will have up to $2,500 to underwrite your experience. When you’ve identified where you’d like to venture, visit the Center for Student Opportunity to begin the Alma Venture process.

Spring Term

Alma has a 4-4-1 academic calendar, so after fall and winter terms, you have the opportunity to focus on one course topic for the entire month of May. We call this month “Spring Term,” and many of the courses involve domestic or international travel. Learn more >>

Student Research

At Alma College, your classroom learning comes to life in cutting-edge research experiences. Your laboratory? It’s the whole world! Learn more >>

Service Learning

Each term, the college offers academic service learning courses that will allow you to apply your classroom learning to a real-life situation in the community. Learn more >>

International & Off-Campus Study

Spend a semester studying in one of 14 countries around the globe or, if you prefer to remain in the United States, study and intern in one of four metropolitan centers: New York, Philadelphia, Chicago or Washington, D.C. Learn more >>

Leadership Programs

Leadership is important to your college experience. On the athletic field, in your fraternity or sorority house, in the classroom, through one of our specialized programs or while on spring break—there’s always an opportunity for you to take the lead. Learn more >>