Dr. Aspinall and students discuss literature on location.

Featured Course:

Digital Rhetoric

How does digital reading change the way we persuade and argue? We explore the rhetorical dimensions of multi-modal writing—writing that appeals through word, image, sound and hypertextuality.

The Power of Words.

Reading literature is not just an entertaining pastime. It helps you understand yourself and others. By reading, we learn to read individuals, read cultures, and understand how language works to shape both. By writing, we learn to analyze, synthesize, and become powerful critical and creative thinkers.

Our majors know the power of words. They practice how to persuade, how to dissect and analyze, and most of all, how to build complex and beautiful things, whether it be a poem, a piece of fiction, or an interpretative essay.

Our graduates are prepared, whether the next step is graduate school or a profession. You don’t need to take our word for that, though. Listen to their own stories about why majoring in English mattered.


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