Featured Course:

International Finance

Students examine the principles and practical issues related to international finance including global money and capital markets, foreign exchange practices and interest rate swaps.

Simply put, economics is the study of how people, organizations and societies use their resources.

Why do we choose to use our time and money in the ways that we do? Why do governments adopt different economic policies and how do those decisions affect their citizens?

Economics is a social science, concerned with identifying the predicted outcomes of different choices. And it isn’t just about money. Economists apply economic analysis to study crime, marriage, divorce, health, addiction, sports, voting behavior, presidential elections, and much more. 

Build an Economist’s Toolkit

Your economics courses will include the study of labor, land, investments, markets, money, and production. By applying historic and modern economic theory at the individual, societal, corporate, and governmental levels, you will gain the tools you need to:

  • Use critical and logical thought to solve problems
  • Identify, collect and analyze quantitative data
  • Present ideas effectively, both in writing and public speaking




Meet a Scot

  • Kyle Travis

    Kyle Travis ’09

    Even with a double major in economics and business administration, Kyle still found time for leadership roles on the men’s golf team and SAE. Now a financial advisor for Stifel Financial Corp., he really enjoyed the close campus relationships when he was at Alma. “The people make up Alma College - its students, faculty and staff. At Alma you are given the opportunity to be highly involved and connected to anyone and everyone else on campus. It is a very open-minded, forward-thinking, and nurturing environment that larger schools cannot duplicate.”


  • Brittany Foley

    Brittany (Law) Foley ’09

    After leaving Alma, Brittany completed a law degree and a master’s degree in urban planning. Now employed at dPOP!, she credits her Alma education with teaching her to learn about a subject quickly, distill the information down to key points, and take action. While at Alma, academic opportunities took her to Argentina, Ukraine, Ireland, Scotland, Hawaii, New York City, and Chicago.

  • Hannah Ropp

    Hannah Ropp ’10

    “I credit my Alma experience with giving me the tools that my job requires every day: a well-rounded knowledge of my field, the ability to think critically, and a desire to push myself.” Hannah now lives in Washington, D.C. where she works as a Research Economist for the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission and volunteers for a variety of organizations, including the American Cancer Society, the American Red Cross, and Everybody Wins! DC.

  • Alex Ruhlman

    Alex Ruhlman ’13

    After completing a double major in Economics and Healthcare Administration, Alex now works for Centria Healthcare in Novi, MI. While at Alma, he was a varsity baseball pitcher, a resident assistant, and member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. “My Alma College education not only made me a more well rounded intellectual, but also opened my eyes to numerous social and political issues. I also learned a lot about interacting socially and professionally in my time spent outside of class.”