Performance Scholarships

Performance scholarships are available for students based on audition and faculty recommendation. Candidates for these are usually first-year and transfer students, but in some cases scholarships have been awarded to older students. These scholarships are graduated. If a student displays the talent, desire and the commitment to the dance company, follows all requirements of a company member and has the willingness to become highly involved with the company, these scholarships amounts may rise.

Responsibilities for these scholarships are as follows:

  • Demonstrate technical skill and proficiency at the level at which you arrived upon entering Alma College. You should arrive to begin your course and performance work injury free and be prepared to establish a mature approach to a theatrical aesthetic that includes maintaining a positive attitude, physical and mental wellness and health and a good work ethic.
  • Maintain all of the same requirements asked of all Alma College Dance Company (ACDC) members.
  • Develop and demonstrate leadership skills by regularly offering service to the College, Theatre/Dance Department and community in one or more of the following ways:
    • Offer assistance to the dance instructors and staff.
    • Serve as an active and effective member of ACDC.
    • Mentor your peers.
    • Assist the Dance Program with mailings, auditions and housing for prospective students.
    • Initiate leadership by diplomatically offering recommendations.
    • Set an example of ethically high standards for your peers, professors, College administration and community colleagues.
    • Seek out opportunities in the Alma College community, dance community and community at large to bring awareness of dance to others.
    • Be aware of and follow the policies in the student handbook, current edition.

You must attend all rehearsals and performances of the Alma College Dance Company. If you receive offers for guest artist work with other companies or private schools, the dates you will be absent must be discussed and agreed upon in advance with choreographers and instructors.

Distinguished Scholarship in Dance

The Distinguished Scholarship responsibilities are based on the same requirements as the Performance Scholarships. Through audition and interview, first-year students are screened for this award. Distinguished Scholarship recipients should maintain all the Alma College Dance Company responsibilities and must:

  • Participate in at least two (2) concert works each semester
  • Assist the company director during their sophomore and junior years
  • Assist in maintaining a historical archive of the Alma College Dance Company
  • Assist the Student Director of the Student Choreography Concert
  • Enroll in THD 201 & 301 — the choreography series; and THD 350 & 351 Dance History

Scholarship Dismissal

At the end of each academic year, there is an evaluation of students by the faculty that serves as a review for maintaining Performance and Distinguished scholarship status. Students who fail to maintain responsibilities may forfeit the dance scholarships. These will be reviewed on an individual basis.